Monday, January 5, 2009

The goal: 500 Cards in 2009!

Hi all and welcome to my BLOG! Yes, I have joined the ranks of bloggers everywhere. I think noone is more surprised than I. :-)

The reason for this is my new years resolution! I have been playing around with crafting of all sorts for years. People tell me I should turn pro but I look around at others' designs and think there is no WAY I could do something that amazing.

Then a few weeks ago I was an audience member at a radio show recording. They interviewed a very successful singer/song writer. He said years ago he was given some good advice on how to become a great song writer... learn a million of other people's songs! Of course! I can apply that to crafting too... If I study a million designs from other artists, think of what I will learn.

So this year, I resolve to make... maybe not a million, but 500 cards. I consider this an artistic journey... or maybe an amateur athelete training to go pro. :-) Either way I figure I can't lose... I will learn a ton and by blogging my experience and attempts I will hopefully get much valuable feedback.

Here are my rules:

1. I can copy others' designs... this is actually encouraged! That way I can learn new techniques and try things I never would have thought of. Of course, I will follow any other designers rules for use of their art and I will give full credit where credit is due.

2. Each card does not have to be an original. If I make a set of 5 identical cards as a set, I get to count all 5 towards my 500!

And that's basically it! I am really excited. I hope at the end of this I will know for sure if I have the 'right stuff' to make this more than just a hobby. And I look forward to meeting some new people and learning SO MUCH!

Thanks for visiting and I hope to see a lot of you as you come back to see my latest cards in 2009!


  1. Hi, its good to hear all this from you. i think its a great idea and i really hope that you commit to your resolution. Best wishes from me and i am still trying to figure out my new year resolution.

  2. Here is a great site to help you meet your goal.

  3. good luck with this, I will definately have to come back and check it out.