Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Card 003!!!

Card 003 A, originally uploaded by ed1972lee.

Where is card 002 you're asking! Well that one is done, don't worry, I'm not skipping! I have pics too! It is pretty much the same as this one but I will have to post that one tomorrow.

So... this is made using double-sided paper again... this time Scrapbook Walls - Persian Floral. I added some brown satin ribbon from my mom's collection that is I don't know how old... the packaging looked circa 1970. :-) Finally put to a good use. The stamps are from the Spring collection I bought at Costco... add some brads, some white card stock, brown cardstock and copper leaf pen and viola!

Now I'm beat! I'll post the other pic and more tomorrow.

Only one more day of these 9.5 hour phone shifts!


  1. Great card! I have those stamps. Thanks for a suggestion of how to use them!

  2. Good job, where is number 2? These are great, and what a source of inspiration. I wonder how many cards I make in one year.