Thursday, January 7, 2010

Starting Over... again. :-)

Hi all! Happy new year!

I can't believe how the last year has flown by. It's been eventful, that's for sure!

For those of you who didn't get the original post, my new year's resolution last year was to make 500 cards in 2009 and blog each one. Of course as you can tell, I made 3 and then the train was permanently derailed.

For starters, I received a commission to make a Valentine's day "card" from a friend of mine for his girlfriend. At the time I was working 9-10 hour days and simultaneously trying to be a good wife and mother while cramming in the crafting. I did manage to get the Valentine's card done on time and mailed off to my friend in San Francisco... but the stress of it kind of took the wind out of my sails for a while.

I might have started back in at some point but then... in August... my husband of 5 years announced that he wanted a divorce and he moved out. I spent the next few months pulling myself back together and moving myself and my daughter into a new apartment since the house we shared as a family we were not able to keep.

Fortunately I was able to use this as an opportunity for personal growth... (HAHAHA) and now that the holidays are over, I'm feeling good and ready to start creating again! The apartment we moved into had a beautiful HUGE master bedroom... which my daughter and I decided would be better served as a "girls toy room" rather than a bedroom... so I now have a large craft area. And since most of my craft stuff is still in boxes it isn't too crowded with junk to work yet! :-)

I'll try to get "crafty" and have something new to show you soon!

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  1. YEAH! Get "crafty" so we can enjoy it.
    We're all behind you Eva!